(All Teachings Are Correct)
(The Little Brown Bird)
(Wild Rice Teaching)
(A Keeper of Our Language)
(That's Why I Speak the Language)
(Anishinaabe Language and Culture)
(Second Language Speakers)
(Why the Anishinaabe Way of Life is Valued)
(The Elder Woman Who Raised Me)
(The Thunderbirds)
(Bear Clan)
(Our Ceremonies)
(My Grandfather)
(Why Does He Look That Way?)
(The Tentshaker and the Thunderbirds)
(The Hunter-Man)
Aatwenens Miinwaa Waa'aashkesh
(Antoine and the Deer)
(This Is What Is Going to Help You Have Good Child Bearing Years)
Minaadenim Ingiw Eyaawaad Nibiikaang
(Respect Those Who Dwell in the Water)
(Wenabozho and the Wolves)
(Wenabozho and the Rock)
(Wenabozho Goes South)
(Wenabozho Steals Fire)
(Why They Didn't Tell Legends)
(What Happened to That Drum)
(When Someone Travels At Night)
(Don't Play Outside After Dark)
(Sleeping On Our Grandmother Earth)
Mii Gaa-onjii-bapiba'iwed Aw Anishinaabe Mewinzha
(How the Anishinaabe Overcame Difficulties Long Ago)

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